meet the xpert wizard!
Hey!  I'm Louie.  Nice to meet ya!

I was born in 1985 so I'm definitely an 80's baby. 
Born and raised in Houston, Tx but my family is from El Salvador, you know, the place with the delicious Pupusas and the worlds best Tamales. I am fluent in Spanish as well so
no tengan miedo de hablar conmingo en Español.

 I love old school hip hop and R&B, Country and Rock,
and definitely some Latin music. 
I am a big fan of sports in general but Football is definitely my thing!
Eating food is a passion of mine, and especially love to eat tacos, wings, burgers, and I am a sucker for some crispy fried chicken!

I have an amazing wife who supports me and
has helped me grow in so many ways and we have three absolutely gorgeous daughters together.  

When it comes to my photography, I try to use light in the most creative ways possible.  Sometimes its a simple use of natural light from a window, and other times it can be a 4 light setup to get a colorful and dramatic look.  Whatever it is you are looking to do for your shoot, I will try to get the best use of lighting to
achieve your desired look.

I also focus on your experience. 
I want you to enjoy the time we are shooting. 
I want you to have fun, laugh, and even dance a little bit
to the music during your shoot. 
I want you to come back and shoot again with me
so I always try to make sure your experience with me
is just as important as the photos I take.

I think what separates me from other photographers
is just simply my creativity and the fact that
I am always trying to learn and improve. 
I always want to be better than I was yesterday.    

Now that you know a little bit about me, tell me a little about you.  Click on the button below to send me some info about you and lets see about getting you booked for a shoot!

Can't wait to hear from you!